I get paid to take care of big computers. Some times I make drinks for people. Other times I drive cars competitively.

No, I probably can't fix your computer for you: you probably don't own the kind of computer I work on. If you think that you do, feel free to reach out, but know that the chances are slim that I'm currently looking for a new job.

If you're crazy enough to want to hire a bartender with nearly zero industry experience (I've only ever served drinks to the public by way of volunteering for USBG events and barbacking for Speed Rack DC/Philly) but who does actually know how to make drinks for one or two shifts a week in the Philly area, I'm listening. I'm going to feel pretty guilty if that means my jumping in line in front of barbacks you might've promoted internally. Also, I typically travel a lot for work (210 days in 2011), so that probably wouldn't work anyway.

Driving escapades I can speak about without risking statutes of limitation are pretty much confined to Rental Car Rally. RCR is awesome, you should do it. Here are some details:

Unfortunately, I neglected my home systems a teeny bit too much in recent history, so the system in my home where eclipsed.net used to live for most services, stow.eclipsed.net, is refusing to boot currently. I haven't had the time yet to fiddle with it, even enough to recover data.

So, for the time being, some links:

(Yes, my RSS-scraping script is also on the horked system. No, I don't have a copy of it on any other system. Yes, I do backups for a living: unless you want to make my SCSI2 tape drive work on either my MacBook Pro or my employer's Dell Latitude E6410, stfu. :^>)

Gabriel Rosenkoetter